October 13 – Fruit & Cider Update

Apple Cider
$3/Half Gallon

This is a small, locally owned and operated centennial business. Some of the trees were planted back in 1913 and still produce quality fruit. This is a cash or check only business, and cash is preferred. His fruit is also occasionally available at the Kalamazoo Farmer’s Market on Bank Street at John Reuter’s stand.

This list is subject to change as apples come and go throughout the season. Call (269) 375-6208 to be check.

Current Fruit

Fruit Availability Bushel Price
Gala Ready $18
Golden Delicious Ready $18
Ida Red Ready $18
Jonagold Ready $33
Jonathon Ready
MacIntosh Ready $18
Mutsu Ready $33
Northern Spy Ready $18

Peaches: A Short, Short Season!

PEACHES are In! Come Quick, Call Ahead, They go Fast!

He’ll probably have them sporadically until August 19th at the latest.


bigstock-Ripe-peaches-whole-and-slice--116745548 SMALLER

It is a bit sporadic in August as peaches are a fussy fruit. It is always a good idea to call ahead to verify availability of any fruit:  (269) 375-6208.